Wi-Fi with LAN module

You need small Wi-Fi Router with USB bus powered.
Connect LAN module to pin number 33 - 40 on White Wizard Base Board(PAT.PEND).
And connect to USB-A connector to the Wi-Fi Router for power.

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I used "PLANEX MZK-RP150N" that is very small mini router.

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amazon.co.jp (English help)


Setting Wi-Fi
1, Connect your PC to main router. And I sat security of main router "WPA2-PSK AES" with original password. (see your router manual)

2, Connect your PC to mini router. You should connect Lan cable into Yellow connecter (LAN) with Windows PC. Also you need USB power source.
3, Open the Internet Browser and put " http://rp.setup/ " or " "(you can find gateway with command promput, just put "ipconfig /all".)

4, Login the mini router,




5, Select "Status" -> "Mode". Set "converter mode". And then push "APPLY".


6, Select "Home" -> "Quick Setup".


7, Select your main router that connected internet.


8, Enter your password of main router.


9, Check mini router IP "***.***.***.***". Push APPLY.


10, Wait for seconds. and push "OK" button.


11, Open a comand prompt, and enter "ipconfig /all". And find IP of DHCP Server (gateway), like "". Enter " http://***.***.***.1/ " for login main router with Internet browser. If you can login the Wi-Fi connection is success !

12, Dissconnect Lan cable with mini router (Not USB power). Connect your PC to main router with Wi-Fi and login.

13, Connect White Wizard Lan module assembled on Base board to mini router through a LAN cable.

14, Connect your PC and mbed through a USB cable (for USB serial communication). And open Tera Term for monitoring "printf() function".

15, Input Sample data to the mbed, and push reset button on the mbed.

16, You can find mbed's local IP address (***.***.***.***) on the Tera Term. Enter the local IP like a " http://***.***.***.***/ " on your Internet browser.
LinkIconSave these files top of the mbed.


17, Push "F, B, L, R, S", youcan see LEDs status are one-to-one with "p21 to p24".