What's about White Wizard Board

White Wizard Board (PAT.PEND)

White Wizard Board (PAT.PEND) is Rapid prototyping electronic circuit for mbed. You just plug in sensor modules or other special devices to Base Board without wiring, then you completed the circuit.

I explain about following board.
1,White Wizard Base Board
2,White Wizard Module

  1. I2C module
  2. SPI module
  3. Serial module
  4. CAN module

1,White Wizard Base Board

White Wizard Base Board (PAT.PEND) Base Board has mbed signal, 5V, GND and 3.3V lines. So, you can use 3.3V and 5.0V devices. It has femail pinheaders, to connect modules.
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gazou3.pngWhite Wizard Base Board


2,White Wizard Module

Also, White Wizard Modules (PAT.PEND) have signal, 5V, GND and 3.3V lines. So, you can use 3.3V and 5.0V devices. Modules have Long foot femail pinheaders. These are very easy to make electrical contacts with Base Board, like following picture.



a, I2C module

I2C devices are usually connected like following picture.

I2C.pngUsual I2C interface connection.

You can assemble White Wizard Board I2C devices, like blocks. After assembling I2C modules, you connect pull up resisters (resister cap) to signal and 3.3V line on the femail pinheaders.

WW_I2C.pngWhite Wizard I2C module connection.


b, SPI module

Attention.pngunder construction

Comming soon...
※We are developing new type SPI modue system whitch do not stop on interrupting system.


c, Serial module

Serial module can not connect like I2C. Only one device plug in serial port.


d, CAN module

The other new contents are under construction.