RC servo

RC servo

RC servo motors have three wire interface for controlling and power supplying.
white : Signal
red : Vcc
brack : GND

It is controlled with pulse width signal.
The period is about 20 msec and the rising width is between 1 to 2msec.

How to connect?

White Wizard board has female pin headers to protect against short circuit.
Also, RC servo has female connectors. So you need male to male jumper or pins.
The easiest way is using male pinheaders like a following pictures.

1, Solder male pinheaders each other.


2,Plug in female connectors.

See other way LinkIconEasy-to-make connectors

PWM (pulse-width modulation : p21 - p26) is usufule for RC servo.


See the test program LinkIconControl a R/C model servo