Network Motion Ditector

Network Motion Ditector

PIR Motion Ditector through the Internet.


You need

  • White wizard Base Board with mbed.
  • LAN module(p 33 - p 40)
  • PIR sensor module (p 20 : Be careful the direction of PIR sensor module, see the picture.)
  • Routers.

LinkIconRPC (mbed site)
LinkIconJavascript (mbed site)

LinkIconTEST program
LinkIconCompiled datas


  • PIR module is 5V sensor. It needs external power supply.
  • PIR module need long foot female pinheader, otherwise you can not connect it.
  • You can check the IP address of mbed through the USB serial cables.

Open your browser put IP address and .htm file name, like this "".
Then you can see these windows.

Waiting for something move.

Success for detect