mount White Wizard Board on TANK !

Mount White Wizard Board on TANK !

You need ...

1, White Wizard Base Board
2, Motor Driver Board
(min 7V - Max 12V. sorry if you use over 9V, the motor is burn. You shouled connect resistor.)
3, TAMIYA Double Gearbox
4, TAMIYA Track and Wheel Set
5, TAMIYA Universal Plate Set - 2pcs
6, Battery Box with cable. We recomend 7V - 9V
7, Bolts (3mm in diameter, length 50mm and 10mm) and nats (3mm in diameter)
8, Mail - Femail jumper wires.
9, Switch Board (for convenience)
10, Female pinheader (for making connectors)

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"White Wizard Base Board" and "Motor Driver Board" is designed its mounting holes to fit 5mm pitch Unibarsal Plate.

motordriverVer1.pngMortor Driver Board

Assemble "Motor Driver Board", "Track and Wheel Set" and "Universal Plate" like follow pictures.



Sandwich the Battery box between Unibersal Plates.


Set Signal Wires.

Set Switch Board (for convenience) and Battery cables.
Connect cables from Switch Board to Motor Driver Board, White Wizard Base Board, Battery. Cables end has femail pinheader, you should cut and use it.



Put the White Wizard Base Board on the top of TANK.
Connect the Signal cables from Motor Driver Board to White Wizard PWM Pins.

*White Wizard Board - Motor Driver Board
* p 21 - IN_R1
* p 22 - IN_R2
* p 23 - IN_L2
* p 24 - IN_L1


Then you can select "Bluetooth module"or "Wi-Fi Router".