LAN(Wi-Fi) air controller through the Internet.

LAN(Wi-Fi) air controller through the Internet.

This application is IR conntorol from web site !
(TANK with mini router is option.)


Before setting this application, you need IR data in micro SD card..
See LinkIconSave IR data into microSD card
We saved air conditioner IR data, and save as "cool.csv", "dry.csv", "off.csv".
Assemble following modules

  • LAN moduleLinkIconSee
  • micro SD module (use normal CS mode) LinkIconSee
  • Infrared LED module (Don't use FET)LinkIconSee
  • Humidity (HIH5030) and Temparature (MCP9700) Sensor Board prototype. (It has typographical error. Temparature sensor must be connected opposite, and HIH5030 muset be bended metal parts.)LinkIconSee
  • Router (for connecting Internet, you should use Wi-Fi router for TANK.)


  • DC jack board (when you do not use Battery)
  • TANK(with battery)LinkIconSee
  • mini Wi-Fi router (for connecting main Wi-Fi router)LinkIconSee

How to

1, Connect these modules like following picture.


LAN module (p33 - p40)
micro SD card module (p5 - p12)
Humidity and Tempareture sensor module (p16 - p20)
IR LED module (p21 - p25)

Connect to Motor drive board (option).
p21 - IN_R1
p22 - IN_R2
p23 - IN_L2
p24 - IN_L1

2,Install the programs into the mbed,
LinkIconTest Program for mbed(SD card needs Normal CS setting)

and save htm and js files top directory of the mbed.
LinkIconOther test files

3,Connect the LAN cable to the router. And power on the mbed.

4,Monitoring mbed through USB cable. Then you can check local IP address of mbed, like ""

5,Connect your PC or Mobile to the router, type the IP address (like***.htm) of a website into your browser.
"***.htm" is the file name in mbed.

LANIR1.png"get condition" is get Value of Tempareture and Humidity.

"get condition" button is to get Value of Tempareture and Humidity.

LANIR2.pngSelect IR data.

Select IR data and press "OK". Then sending IR data is completed.
Other five buttons are for the TANK.

6,You should check "REMOTE_ADDR : ***.***.***.***" from this site LinkIcon

7,Setting static IP address on the router (you should check router manual), you can connect to the White Wizard Board from out saide, through the PC and Mobiles. (like http://***.***.***.***/***.htm)