Bluetooth module

Bluetooth module (RN-41, RN-42)

You can use serial communication (SPP) with other devices, very easily.
Connect to pin number 9 - 16, 13 - 20 or (28,27)-(TD-) on White Wizard Base Board(PAT.PEND).

LinkIconTest program on mbed site
(Connect to pin number 9 - 16 in this case.)
This sampe is simple communication with bluetooth devices with SPP.
You can check serial communication on your PC which have Bluetooth device.



Bluetooth module 15 pin and 16 pin must short like a following pictuer.
I make modified versions of this module. coming soon...

What is the difference between "Bluetooth module" and "Bluetooth Dongle"?

"Bluetooth Dongle" need controling USB device and program size bigger.