Bluetooth Dongle

Bluetooth Dongle

You can use HID with other devices, like a Bluetooth keybord.
Connect to USB A connector on White Wizard Base Board (PAT.PEND).
LinkIconTest program on mbed site
Test program is using Bluetooth Dongle with Bluetooth key board, just pushing arrow bottuns.

How to connect White Wizard Board TANK

*White Wizard Board - Motor Driver Board
*p 21 - IN_R1
*p 22 - IN_R2
*p 23 - IN_L2
*p 24 - IN_L1


Other TEST program. for USB Dongle LinkIconTest program on mbed site

What is the difference between "Bluetooth module" and "Bluetooth Dongle"?

"Bluetooth Dongle" need controling USB device and program size bigger.

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