White Wizard Base Board Ver.1.0

White Wizard Base Board (PAT.PEND) Ver.1.0 Prototype

LinkIconSchematic : White Wizard Base Board Ver.1.0

LinkIconSee Ver.1.1


  • Rapid prototyping circuit board.
  • Supply voltage Min 6V , Max 9V (depend on mbed LinkIconSee this page.).
  • Speed control connector for RC system.
  • USB A connector (USB charge)
  • Pin number p27 to p30, these layout is differant. For fitting base board to modules.
  • Easy to assemble 5mm pich universal plate.

gazou3.pngWhite Wizard Base Board

BaseBoard.tifclick the picture!

BaseBoard2.tifclick the picture!

Connect Green chip ( polyswitch ) on RUSB for protecting USB power source or jumper SJ1(if you don't need it).


This is a prototype board. This board has typographical errors like a following picture. We tape up the error.