Wireless Oscilloscope

Wireless Simple Oscilloscope

Simple Bluetooth oscilloscope aprication for PC and mbed.
You need

  • White wizard Base Board with mbed.
  • Bluetooth module(p 9 - p 16)
  • Two male to male jumper wires for checking voltage data.


  • PC sofeware
    • trigger waitting.
    • Simple serial communication with mbed, so you can get data through the USB serial port on mbed.
    • Full scale of y-axis is 3.3V. Each line is 300mV.
    • Full scale of X-axis is 100msec (default). Each line is 10msec.
  • mbed software
    • Sample from p 20 (Analog input).
    • Sin wave Analog output (p 18) for self check. If you want to use self check, jumper p 18 and p 20 after programing.
    • Default is 1kHz sampling. You can change the sampling rate on mbed's program.


LinkIconSample Program (mbed site)
You can change the sampling rate.

>flipper.attach_us(&flip, 1000); // the address of the function to be attached (flip) and the interval

Default is 1000usec (1msec).
LinkIconCompiled datas

How to use?

Simple oscilloscope Ver.1.0
Install whole programs and then push reset button on mbed.
Use p 20 for sampling AD data.

Open software.


  • Set COM port number and push [OPEN] button. Then, [Start] and [Close] buttons are enabled.
  • Set trigger value from 1 to 3299.
  • Set triger Direction UP or DOWN.
  • Push [Start], and then get sampling data.



  • If mbed can not get trigger voltage the software is busy. Restart it.
  • When the communication is faled, the software freezes. Restart it.